GENERAL RELEASE, INDEMNITY, HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE:  This is an important legal document. Read it carefully before you sign it.  If you have any questions about the legal effect of signing, you should consult with your own personal attorney.  In consideration for my participation, or my child/guardian's participation in this recreational/fitness activity, I do hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Miss Sparta Pageant, Miss America Organization, and Butterfest, that may arise from or in any way be connected with my  or my child/guardian's participation including but not limited to claims of personal injury, illness, death, or property damage. I acknowledge and affirmatively accept the risks inherent in participation in these activities and expressly agree that I will not  initiate suit or any form of litigation or judicial proceeding, and will not make any claim of any type against Miss Sparta Pageant, Miss America Organization, and Butterfest and their officers, personnel, employees, agents, or instrumentalities which directly or indirectly relate to or arises from my or my child/guardian's participation. I understand that if I choose to submit online registration, that my digital signature (typing my name in the box prior to checkout) will be treated as my acceptance of all terms and conditions listed on this page. All photographs taken may be used in promotional materials. I understand that no weapons of any kind, including toys, will be allowed at the event. PARENT OR GUARDIAN SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 - DIGITAL SIGNATURE IS ACCEPTABLE AND BINDS YOU TO AGREEMENT WITH THE TERMS ABOVE.

Sign Here (If bringing this document along for Race Day registration.